Advanced Imaging Laboratory, Life Sciences Institute, National University of Singapore

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The Advanced Imaging Laboratory is a core microscopy facility of the Life Sciences Institute. Light microscopes in the facility are available for fluorescence, live-cell timelapse and confocal imaging. These are complemented with specialised software for processing and analysis of multi-dimensional images.

Our facility currently supports the research of 14 labs not just within LSI, but also in other NUS departments and A*STAR.

Key Capabilities

Brightfield microscopy
Widefield fluorescence
Confocal microscopy
Live-cell imaging
Image processing and analysis

The lab is equipped with 6 microscopes and all users receive customised training for each of the microscopes that they need to use. Advice is given on the choice of microscope, fluorophores and experimental setup.

The ability to visualise changes in cell morphology and the topological relationships of interacting subsets of cell types is essential for research in the life sciences. We can set up customised time-lapse experiments on living samples to visualise biological processes in real time. Our imaging systems are capable of delivering the highest quality images of tissue sections (mm) through to sub-cellular structures (nm). Molecular analysis of samples is facilitated by laser-capture microdissection of single cells or specific regions of interest in samples.

We have the capability to analyse microscope images in 3D with multiple-labelled markers over time to give unbiased quantitative data. Researchers are guided in the selection of the imaging platform most suitable for their investigations. Our training sessions are tailored to your specific applications. We can work with you to develop new imaging techniques.



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Advanced Imaging Laboratory
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