Centre for BioImaging Sciences' (CBIS), Department of Biological Sciences, NUS

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Led by faculties from Biological Sciences, Chemistry, and Physics, the Centre for BioImaging Sciences’ (CBIS) has been in operation as a scientific and education resource centre for over 10 years at the National University of Singapore. CBIS focuses on the science and application of biological imaging and the development of computational and microscopy-based methods and technologies.


CBIS Light Microscopy (LM) and Electron Microscopy (EM) cores make cutting edge microscopy accessible and provides guidance to researchers with their projects from sample preparation to data analysis. It also offers microscopy services and collaboration with research groups. With the benefit of advanced IT infrastructure, CBIS core users are able to carry out image data collection, analysis, computational modelling seamlessly to tackle data challenges posed by terabyte to petabyte scale imaging projects.

Key Capabilities

Wide range LM and EM imaging instruments
LM and EM sample preparation instruments
LM and EM image treatment tools
Collaboration work

CBIS LM and EM core facilities have expertise in many areas of nanoscale to mesoscale to including, but not limited to SEM, TEM, live cell dynamics imaging, TIRF, spectral imaging, and image analysis. CBIS cores offer a full workflow, from pre-experimental consultation and discussion, through sample preparation, over user training and advice during measurements, to post-experiment data evaluation.



Contact Information


NUS Centre for Bioimaging Sciences, National University of Singapore
Block S1A, Level 2, Lee Wee Kheng Building
14 Science Drive 4 Singapore 117557

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Tong Yan