NUSMed Core for Microscopy and Analysis (CMA)

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We provide comprehensive service and training on advanced imaging and cytometry-based cell and tissue analysis for the research and educational communities in NUHS-NUS and beyond, from inexperienced students, interns and residents to savvy researchers from different disciplines.

Key Capabilities

Brightfield microscopy and widefield fluorescence
Slide and Tissue Micro Array scanning
Confocal microscopy
F-techniques (FRAP, FRET)
High-content screening and analysis
Live-cell imaging
Image processing and analysis
Reagents customisation and consumable kits
Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS)
Cytometric Analysis
Experiment Panel Design

We provide a one-stop training and service solutions ranging from experimental design, full sample preparation, reagents customisation, new protocol development, data acquisition, to scalable data processing, big data analytics and multi-dimensional visualisation, data and figure reporting.

Our infrastructure supports confocal microscopy, tissue and high content imaging, flow cytometry analysis and high-speed sorting. We also provide hot desks and lockers, full sample preparation bench, fume hood and temporary sample storage, cell culture facility, joint application-support centres and micro-store for customized reagents and consumable kits in partnership with industry, SFA-approved animal procedure room, data-analysis zone with accessible image/data storage and processing capabilities. These enable our users to form a dynamic learning community to design, conduct experiments, analyse data and troubleshoot together.



Contact Information


Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine,
National University of Singapore,
MD1 Tahir Foundation Building,
12 Science Drive 2, #B1-03,
Singapore 117549

Contact point

Lee Shu Ying